There is rest, comfort, love and memories found in a cup of coffee. Recently, many people are visiting Gangneung to share a special cup of coffee with their loved ones. The open sea and pure nature harmonize with the fragrance of coffee to create even more beautiful memories. 

But above all else, the main reason that draws people to Gangneung is the delicious coffee. There are several reasons why Gangneung coffee is delicious. The tea culture developed in Gangneung early on because the water that flows between the rocks of the deep mountain valley of Baekdu-daegan is famous for its clean taste without any after taste. Also, because Gangneung was the hometown of most writers, the coffee culture was able to sprout early. The tea culture that began in the Shilla period continued to the coffee culture, creating a coffee culture unique to Gangneung, differentiated from other regions. Representative first-generation coffees such as ‘Bohemian’ by Korea’s first generation barista Park Yi-Chu and ‘Terra Rosa’, a coffee factory, also played a part in this. Thanks to these people who have now become the symbol of Gangneung coffee, a group of coffee experts formed in Gangneung, and the culture of roasting coffee spread quickly. The coffee culture that started in this way has spread into people’s daily lives and is changing the urban culture. The history of ‘Gangneung Coffee’ was born through the harmony of the natural environment and the culture of enjoying tea, and this has created today’s branding of ‘Gangneung, the city of coffee’.

The ‘Gangneung Coffee Festival’ (hereafter ‘GCF’) held in Gangneung, the city of coffee, has great symbolism. GCF, which started in 2009, was the first coffee festival among local governments in Korea and is held every October. Over 500,000 tourists visit during the festival alone, and it is helping to revitalize the local economy with an economic effect of about 83.5 billion won (as of 2018). In addition, it ranked second in brand reputation among 81 festivals loved by domestic consumers, establishing itself as a great festival. Today, coffee is not just a drink, but a culture. In that sense, GCF is a tool to promote Gangneung, and furthermore, it is significant as a representative of Korea’s coffee culture.

The 14th Gangneung Coffee Festival, which will be held for 4 days from October 7th to 10th, 2022, will be held in the whole area of Gangneung City, including the Gangneung Arena, and the admission is free. If you are a coffee lover, you should visit Gangneung during the Gangneung Coffee Festival at least once and enjoy various experiences.