Written by Yoo Geum-sook (Poet)
Photo – Kim Nam-gil (Honorary Reporter)

The spring that was unusually cold is now gone and summer has come across the cobalt-colored sea. Is there a place like a green forest, a special medicine to soothe the shrunken, tired mind and body? Today, we are leaving for the beautiful Songjeong Pine Forest with blue sea in the background.

Songjeong Beach Pine Field Road
“A road that will heal you and give you warmth in the midst of your hard life.”

Pass through Songjeong Village, wait for the traffic light, and cross the road. You will see a dense pine forest in front of your eyes. If you walk a little bit more along the pine tree path, you will see Songjeong Beach that spreads brilliantly at the end of the road that gives you a beautiful view of the ocean. Starting from Songjeong Beach to Namhangjin to the south and Gyeongpo Beach to the north, a watercolor-like coastal walkway with the sea nearby as if you could reach it with your fingertips, arms stretched out.

Particularly, the “Danbong Village” trail, which starts from the pine field of Songjeong, is a beautiful forest path where everyone can recall an old, personal memory while walking, with dense sea pine trees in the background along with the blue sea.  Ddangbong is a lone peak that you can visit on the way to Gangmun, and it originated from the phenomenon of thick pine forests. Ddanbong Village Trail is a representative pine forest trail in Solhyang, Gangneung.

Phytoncide is overflowing from the forest and is loved by people taking walks. People are constantly visiting not only on holidays but also on weekdays. It is a clean area where the scent of pine treets and ocean breeze are combined. You can enjoy natural forest bathing in summer, as well as food in old restaurants nearby, making it the best LOHAS space where you can have great, wholesome experiences in every season.

An All-Season Well-Being Trail with Pine Scent and Ocean Breeze

Phytoncide, which emits  from sea pine, is a directional substance that the pine emits itself to resist pathogens, pests, and fungi that can also harm humans, and drinking phytoncide is said to relieve stress and strengthen intestinal and cardiopulmonary functions, as well as to cure emotional depression and anxiety. There’s more. Walking along the trail in the pine forest, gives people the pleasure of seeing wild flowers blooming humbly in barren sand. Significantly, as part of the “Creating a Good Village” project, you can see various native plants restored by the residents with sweat and effort, which are said to be playing a major role in preventing frequent coastal erosion as well as being a beautiful beach scenery. If you walk with children, you can observe wildflowers naturally, so your happy time doubles.

In addition, if you get overwhelmed by the scent of pine trees, you may encounter military units, and a nice mural is painted on the wall of the military unit, which can be quite desolate, so you might stop walking automatically to take a good look at it. The mural, co-produced by Gangneung Volunteer Center and Dongcheon Regiment of the 23rd Division, depicts Gangneung’s ten scenic views selected by soldiers and volunteers, so it’s good to stop for a while and enjoy Gangneung’s scenic beauty shown on a mural.

Also, you can see various installations such as an outdoor sculpture park built on the beach at a nearby hotel, a reading bench created by the city, and a sky staircase. You can sit on a bench and relax, appreciate the works, and be immersed in reading for a while enjoying the cool breeze from the ocean. Walking alone, chatting lightly with your family, walking hand in hand with the person you love, hearing endless stories about the ocean, and watching the sun set through the pine forest and the shadow of a tree falling in the wind will make you feel as if you are in a distant foreign country. Songjeong Pine Forest is a place that anyone can only love.

Meanwhile, Songjeong Beach has an outdoor stage. On the weekends, people come out from various clubs and show off their cool singing skills, and sometimes play the guitar with a wave-like melody running in the sea. Others embroider the summer night sky with beautiful saxophone performances. On a hot summer night, drinking a cool glass of beer and listening to the sound of the wave will make the heat will go away.

These days, when COVID-19 is giving people a more difficult time than ever, why don’t you get out of your stuffy house and walk along Songjeong Pine Field, which is filled with the scent of refreshing pine trees? The green forest and the sea will warmly embrace and comfort your tiring life.