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Discover Gangneung by taking an international touring taxi!

Gangneung’s touring taxi for foreigners is a popular local tourism product through which you can visit the city’s major tourist attractions at low prices and have a safe, private, and convenient experience touring around the city.

For smooth communications, we equipped taxi drivers with foreign language skills. Moreover, we provide translators and simultaneous touring interpretation services for international visitiors.

You can apply online or pre-register at the tourist information center located in Gangneung Station.

Recommended Routes for Taxi Users

Very popular among tourists in their 20s and 40s from Inland China, this is a route that has a great ocean view, including the coastal road from Junumjin to Gyeongpo and finally Anmok, which usually takes around three to four hours.

  1. Filming site for BTS’s “Spring Day”
  2. Filming site for Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin)
  3. Gyeongpo Beach
  4. Anmok Coffee Street

It includes a major cultural relic of Gangneung, which is a destination for many tourists in the Gyeongpo area. Specifically, there is Chodang Tofu Village, where Heonan Seolheon Memorial Park is located. It’s also the same place that is famous for mukbang tours, offering jjamppong soft tofu, gelato, and black sesame latte, which are all perfect for you to post on Instagram.

  1. Ojukheon
  2. Seongyojang
  3. Gyeongpo Beach
  4. Heogyun Heonan Seolheon Memorial Park / Chodang Tofu Village

This is a popular route among Japanese tourists. You would be able visit Unification Park, which includes Raramuri, where the drama Boyfriend was filmed. It was also a media background for actor Jang Geun-seok. Also, you can visit Ojukheon, where you can experience the culture and understand the history of Korea and the city of Gangneung, Seongyujang, and Chodang Tofu Village.

  1. Dongmyeong Beach (Raramuri)
  2. Unification Park
  3. Ojukheon
  4. Seongyojang
  5. Chodang Tofu Village

This is a route popular among Chinese tourists, which serves as a round-trip solution to and from Jeongdongjin. You would be able to experience rail biking for an hour and choose one between Jungang Market or Anmok Coffee Street for your final destination. This route will take 3~4 hours.

  1. Jeongdongjin Station
  2. Jeongdongjin Rail Bikes
  3. Jungang Market or Anmok Coffee Street

This is route frequently recommended by guides for tourists who are planning to visit Ojukheon, a cultural heritage site, popular places such as coffee streets, Jungang Market, the filming site for “Spring Day” within Junmunjin, the filming site for Goblin, and the seafood market, which is a great place for enjoying snow crabs as part of your mukbang touring experience.

  1. Jumunjin
  2. Ojukheon
  3. Anmok Coffee Street
  4. Jungang Market