The ‘2022 Gangneung Wine Festival will be held in the Gangneung Wolhwa Street area for three days from November 4th to November 6th. Gangneung noticed the recent explosive growth of the wine industry and secured wine as a new tourism content item for the first time in Gangwon-do. It is expected that, through this wine festival, the base of wine culture within the local community will be expanded, and the wine industry in Gangneung will be fostered as a new growth engine to revitalize the local economy as well as the tourism industry.

As this is the festival’s first year the focus is on first popularizing wine and creating a wine culture of “a good city to consume wine.” To this end, programs and tasting events have been held throughout the year to provide a place where citizens can naturally experience wine in their daily life. Since July this year, before the festival period, programs such as wine seminars, sommelier training, and tasting events have been held throughout the year to expand the foundation, and it has been received very well by the citizens. 

Before the festival, one of the year-round programs called “Sunset Wine Hour” was held at Yeongok Beach Solhyanggi Camping Site on July 30th and at Myeongju Art Madang outdoor deck on August 20th. “Sunset Wine Hour” is a free tasting event for people to watch the sunset while enjoying wine. There was a great response from the citizens and tourists. The program took reservations for 60 people each, and they were fully booked within 20 minutes of opening the reservation on the website. Thanks to the enthusiastic response, the 3rd “Sunset Wine Hour” is planned for November during the main festival period. The leading festival site is Wolhwa Street, so there will be a collaboration between traditional market food and wine. The available reservation will be for 100 people.

During this festival, liquor companies from the Gangneung region, overseas wine distributors, and wineries in the province will participate in tasting and publicity events. There will also be a market where wine can be purchased at a low price. In addition, there will be a “Vegan Wine & Food Zone”, which introduces vegan wine and food pairings, which has been receiving high interest recently. Accommodation packages that provide wine and local hotel accommodations will be prepared to select visitors with a special wine-related story. There will also be a non-alcoholic wine-making class that festival participants can experience.