Myeongju Free Market is not just a flea market that sells used goods, but a free market where citizens share the value of sustainable life and resources, share the value of sharing, and sell various cultures such as food, crafts, and performance in an open space.

Myeongju Free Market, which began as part of the old downtown revitalization project to transform Gangneung into a sustainable city, has become a representative event of Gangneung thanks to the participation of many Gangneung citizens including Myeongju-dong residents.

​The revitalized Myeongju-dong has become a neighborhood favorited by many tourists and Gangneung citizens again. Small cultural spaces and pretty cafes have entered, making it a bustling and fun area.

Just as the quiet old downtown Myeongju-dong has been transformed into a lively neighborhood, Gangneung will open a fun and rewarding eco-friendly life and culture market where all Gangneung citizens can participate in eco-friendly life and culture.
Please join us in small actions for the sustainable city of Gangneung.
Myeongju Free Market is waiting for you.

Myeongju Free Market Operation Guide

1. Myeongju Free market is an eco-friendly life and culture market.

Myeongju Free market is an eco-friendly life and culture market. The use of disposable products other than approved products is prohibited at Myeongju Free Market. In particular, from 2020, all plastics have been banned, so the market will operate as a no-plastic zone. The PLA containers that were used in 2019 are also not in use. Please prepare paper packaging for products and paper containers. Small plastic wrap packaging can only be used in food corners when it is directly related to hygiene. For the food corners, if the food is packaged in plastic containers and repackaged in plastic wrap, it cannot be sold. For those visiting Myeongju Free Market or participating as sellers, please help us create an eco-friendly lifestyle culture by using shopping bags and tumblers.

2. Operation Hours

Myeongju Free Market opens from 2 pm to 7 pm. Visitors should make sure to check the operating hours, and those participating as sellers must follow the operating hours. If all of the items you prepared sell out, you can leisurely enjoy the Myeongju Free Market and clean up by the closing time.

3. Application for participation

Application for participation is online only. Teams for participation are limited to a total of 170 teams: 50 Treasure Warehouse Teams, 80 Nado Artist Teams, and 40 Food Team Teams. A team can only apply for 1 corner and 1 item. Commercial pre-made products (purchased items, stock items, etc.) and items harmful to the human body are not allowed. The place where the Myeongju Free Market is held is a cultural property. Due to the nature of cultural properties, electricity and water cannot be used, and care must be taken to prevent creating waste.

Enjoy the eco-friendly life and culture market where everyone is caring and considerate of each other!