The memorable experience of being united with nature on the railroad!

Jeongdongjin Railbike is a bike-riding on a rail that starts from Jeongdongjin Station, runs through Jeongdongjin Beach to Moraesigye(Hourglass) Park, and returns to the station a journey of 5.1 kilometers. It is mainly featured by the unique hand and feet operated system. In the 1990s, the widely popular Korean drama <Moraesigye> was shot here, so those who remember the story can recall their feelings. With a vast ocean, clean air, and scenic mountains, Jeongdongjin is where families, friends, and lovers can create delightful memories.

Jeongdongjin Railbike can be operated electrically, so people of all ages can ride it. If you want to enjoy the bike more speedily, you can press the pedal to accelerate it.