2022. 10. 13 ~ 10. 16, held at Myeongju Arts Center – 

Myeongju Puppet Festival, the first festival in 2014, was held annually from the second Wednesday to Sunday of August. It is celebrating its ninth anniversary this year. Due to COVID-19, the festival was held online from 2020 to 2021. This year, the festival will be held offline with the recovery to daily life. It is being prepared diligently to meet the visitors from October 13th to 16th. 

Myeongju-dong, the former name of Gangneung, was the administrative center of Gangneung from the Gangneung-daedohobu Government Office to the current relocation of the city hall. 

Although it became the old city center after the relocation of the city hall, it is recovering its light as the cultural center of Gangenung through the transformation of Manmin Church into a small performance hall and Myeongju Elementary School into the Myeongju Art Center.

Established in Myeongju-dong, the Myeongju Puppet Festival is a family cultural festival held yearly at the Gangneung-daedohobu Government Office, Myeongju Art Center, and a small performance hall. It hosts puppet show performances, exhibitions for children, and experience programs that can be enjoyed together. About 20 puppet theater performances, which are selected through contests or invitations of domestic and foreign puppet theater troupes, create scenes from fairy tales that children enjoy vividly or show new creative performances such as turning a paper cup into a puppet. The exhibition meets the viewpoint of the children through contents tailored to children such as a hand-knitted doll exhibition, a wooden doll exhibition, and an exhibition of world dolls. The Myeongju Puppet Festival, full of these programs, is a festival that attracts about 10,000 people every year. It is a children’s festivals where families can participate and enjoy. 

The 9th Myeongju Puppet Festival consists of various performances by 22 theater companies, exhibitions by invited artists, and experience programs. For this year’s Myeonju Puppet Festival, works that were held online due to COVID-19 were invited to be shown offline. Audiences who were disappointed to see the puppet show only on the screen will be able to see the puppet show once again as a lively offline performance. The invitation exhibition will be ‘Colorful Days’ by artist Yang Jae-young. It is an exhibition where you can meet various characters interpreted with the sensibility of Yang Jae-young as paper toys and wooden dolls, and paper toy workshops will be held 2 to 3 times a day.

In particular, this year, both performances and exhibitions will be held free of charge for local residents who have endured COVID-19. We hope that you will enjoy culture and art through the puppet shows of ‘Myeongju Puppet Festival’ that unravel the various cultural forms such as fairy tales, oral folktales, and local stories and create memories with friends and families.