14, Haean-ro 604beon-gil, Gangneung-si. In the parcel address system, it is located at 227-20 Anhyeon-dong, and there is an observatory in Undersea Park from which to see the magnificent East Sea. An undersea park is a man-made park in coastal waters where you can observe and experience the underwater scenery using a skin scuba or submersible. An undersea park is also constructed here, 3.9 kilometers and 3.2 km from Gangneung’s Sageunjin Undersea Observatory, respectively.

To establish a distinct underwater recreational zone, Gangneung Undersea Park deployed abandoned weaponry such as abandoned warships and light armored vehicles in Gangneung-si in the sea around 3 kilometers away from Sageunjin Beach and this park was built to give divers enjoyment as well as a home for sea critters. Moreover, the park is sharing the wonderful environment with the rest of the globe by posting a film of the undersea park throughout the four seasons.

When you get to the entrance, you’ll find a white sign pointing to Gangneung Undersea Park’s observatory. The first object that meets travelers when they access the beach by following the signboard is a public phone booth with a sea-colored dome and scuba photos. A bit farther down the road, you’ll come across the two-story underwater observatory.

You can view the turquoise East Sea at a glance if you go up to the underwater observatory. Gyeongpo Beach, adjacent cafés, and bright tetrapods line your back, making it a favorite photo location for visitors to the Undersea Park Observatory.
A QR code for the Gangneung Undersea Park AR experience and a guide for skin scuba are also posted at the entry to help guests experience them.

The dreamlike panorama where the horizon and beach buildings are covered by heavy sea fog is also a remarkable sight that can only be viewed on a hot summer day like today. It is also ideal to visit the refreshing Sageunjin Undersea Park on hot summer days.