During the early 2010s, swimming, camping, sushi bars, and cafes were the keywords to describe the summer sea of Gangneung. Walking in the sunset was just an additional keyword. However, it has changed. Now visitors enjoy surfing, scuba diving, cruising the waves on yachts, meditating in a pine forest, and healing the mind and body with yoga. Even more exciting venues are being prepared to offer action-packed luge, paragliding, monorail rides, and zip-lines. The summer sea of Gangneung is now rocking to a more vigorous and diverse beat.

A ‘Wellness Tour’ is a welcome addition to every travel itinerary because we are all living in the COVID-19 era. The term Wellness comes from a mashup of well-being, happiness, and fitness, which is a new tour trend that blends mental and social stability with physical health to create a new travel regimen that leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to take on life’s challenges after the trip.

Gangneung City’s Wellness Tour is the culmination of several years of planning and the creation of a Wellness Belt that encompasses agricultural, mountain, and fishery villages. There are lots of fun and revitalizing activities that you can pick to enjoy.

A “marine healing program” that combines ocean and healing is also currently undergoing preparation. It’s a healing program aimed for people who are tired of busy daily life in the cities and substituting it with beach yoga, pine field meditation, Nordic walking and Pilates. The city is planning to develop it as a stay-type tourism product in connection with tourist attractions including nearby fishing villages. It is great project that has multiple benefits like improving the settlement conditions for local young people in fishing villages and serving as a new income base. When the COVID-19 situation becomes stable, this place will take a full-fledged step towards becoming an ocean leisure sports city. One of the preparation works done was the installation of a color tetrapod around Sagunjin Ocean Observatory in June.