The sound of the waves naturally turns our gaze to the blue ocean just as the scent of coffee from the cafes on every corner of the city awakens our senses.
This is Gangneung.

Here, people enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a blue sky, green mountains, and a clean ocean that create a satisfying working environment with smart city infrastructures.

Even though Gangneung is located on the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula, it is easily accessible from other major cities within South Korea. It takes 160 minutes from Incheon International Airport to Gangneung Station by KTX. Korea, with its multiple hub airports across Northeast Asia, is an attractive travel destination in every way.

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The four seasons of Gangneung are unique, each one painting a fresh landscape that draws our attention and symbolizes the distinct beauty that comes with the passage of time. From spring to winter, come and enjoy the beauty of our city.

* As of the end of December 2020:
Population 215,603 (106,983 men, 108,620 women), 101,424 households
Area 1,041 km2 (80.2% of forest land, 10.1% of agricultural land, 9.7% of others)